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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
Considering it is a non-m, it would still have all the M mods on it.
You don't mod cars with stupid shit just for the sake of modding. If you listen to what you are saying then he should go around sticking some plastic hood scopes, fender grills and chrome all over the car.

No one said anything about a steering wheel...

There are a lot of mods that can be done while keeping it classy, that is all everyone is trying to get at.

Lol, whos mad, I said it was funny. If you listen to what I'm saying, you would understand why what you just said has nothing to do with what I said..

There are no plastic hood scoops or fake fender grills on this car. The owner was clearly going for a specific style.

I was just pointing out how even though you may not do that to your car, people on this forum seem to be unable to appreciate any style outside their own.

I also wouldnt put orange rims my car. I wouldnt even put LTW's on my car cause I think they are boaring. But that doesnt mean I'm gonna go around calling all cars wearing LTW's a fail.
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