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Wow, those are looking sharp! I thought they've all returned to nature by now at the rate they rust. I may own an M5 one day again but it's a barn car - a car I'd buy with some reasonable money to piss away on cars and a barn to keep them in (some others would include a 635 [doubt I'll find an M6], E38 740i, mid 90s black Suburban, LS400, 240sx etc).

Originally Posted by sirex View Post
what ever happened to JustinE36, or whatever his name was.
He got sour at the forum over some politics and generally disappeared off the internet. We used to chat all the time. Then I'd send him an email once a year type of thing whenever I'd come across his contact info. Got a reply back once a few years ago, basically saying he's fine but crazy busy.

I know a lot of people like that... I still don't understand WHAT can someone be so busy with. Short of being one of those slaves in the bowels of a giant Roman rowboat, there's no way there's someone too busy to fire off a few sentences on an email or chat window. Maybe I don't take life seriously enough but I'd rather shoot myself than be like that.

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