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One of our most committed volunteers, Bill Piekos, has graciously donated a block of his volunteer hours back to the BMW Trillium Club. We decided the best way to distribute these house was to have a lottery. So for all volunteers that sign up and volunteer for the weekend of the ADT (Sept 8, 9) you will get a chance to win one of three 20 hour prizes.

That means you can come and get 18 hours of volunteer time and possibly win and extra 20. That's almost 40 hours, which can be exchanged for an autocross enrollment, free membership, or put you almost 2/3 of the way towards a free driving school.

I think we would all like to thank Bill Piekos for his generous donation and commitment to the Trillium Club. Since the volunteer rewards program has started Bill has been awarded in excess of 200 hours. So it is possible to get those rewards friends!
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