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Originally Posted by defaultName View Post
Wow! Looks great!

I've tried several times to buy a Ti and it's never worked out. I'm sure I'll try again at some point. Need to get bored of E30's first though
They're a very fun car, particularly with a 6 under the hood. If you're anything like me though, you'll never get bored of E30's (or atleast the right ones) so don't hold out too long.

Find me a Dakar one! Looks amazing Sheldon.
Thanks Jay. Ironically a friend of mine in the UK has a very nice Dakar one with an AC Schnitzer theme, I think I've got a pic of it somewhere, will post it up for you when I get back on my personal laptop. BTW, love what you guys are doing at the shop.. dare I ask how you'd feel about a S54 under the hood of one of these

Looks great!

Can you get a size profile shot when you have some time?
The only improvement would be to find a pair of 17x9s for the front, but it's perfect even as is.
Hey Trev, I'll try to get a pic. I might have a side shot on my iPhone that I can post later, but it won't be the best resolution. The stance is, IMO, in person spot on, looks aggressive and stretched nicely without being overkill or too much rubber. I couldn't go any lower in ET up front without requiring fender work which I didn't want to bother with.

Looks like a great car to have in Europe.
With the factory PDC it really is!

Looks fantastic - so clean! I didn't know you moved to Europe.
Thanks Anuk.

Sheldon always has the best taste in cars!
Thanks Michel! Sad to see you're not in a BMW anymore but my cousin has one of those newer GTI's as well and boy is it quick. I actually drove the R32 version, or Golf R as I think they've named it here, the other day. Both back roads and Autobahn, the thing was a beast anywhere I took it.

Thanks to everyone else for the kind words. Cheers
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