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Originally Posted by hockeyfan27 View Post
You've seen it go your way once. I see it go the other way, frequently.

It's up to the OP as to who's advice he takes.

I'm sure you have, and put the gun down, I wasn’t disagreeing with your advice.

FYI there are many more cases that go the same way mine did, you just don’t hear about them because you don’t get those individuals raving about it on public forums like you would when someone runs into trouble. Even then only a few companies seem to have serious problems with denying claims for a few little unrelated mods. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen in all companies to some degree, just not as often as its made to seem in the online community.

At this point we all know that no insurance company likes modified cars, and if you have a bad record and do something really stupid on top of that, they will take advantage of every loop hole to save their own asses.

I'm no fan of insurance companies either, your advice was good, as long as the OP covers his own ass like you suggested, he will be fine. But I doubt he will even have to use that leverage when the time comes because for the most part they honor the claim.
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