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shot came from the officer on the right only so as Deep's a risky shot

as for the people saying cop was in the wrong...I'll be the devils advocate here and say it as is cause people are too emotional. The dog did not have a muzzle on it, attacked a law enforcement officer and as such the officer was warranted to take action to protect himself. It's as simple as that!

Yes the cop could have "run away" and risk getting bitten, take time off work, get paid for that time off and rehabilitation etc..., eat more tax payers money. What a lovely situation, don't you agree?

But lets say he did run away and didn't get bitten. Animal services would still come in after the situation was handled. Where is that dog going to go? Not stay with the homeless person that's for sure. It's going to go into the pound where it will sit in a cage, and then after a few months they'll put it down cause no one wants to adopt it.

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