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Originally Posted by hockeyfan27 View Post
I do agree it is not black and white.
thats my point. Obviously insurance companies are scum(u mad) and will do almost anything to get out of a claim that they can but Ive personally never heard of someone being denied solely because of coilovers. You are in the business so you probably have heard of them screwing someone over because of it.
still doesnt make it right or make any sense.

if someone smashes into your car or it gets stolen etc...coilovers have no bearing on anything. its all game playing. playing by the rules went out the window long time ago with them.

its so silly. the stock rear on our cars isnt even a true coilover and all that differs up front is an adjustable perch (obviously the set ups are stiffer than stock) but its not like you are cutting and welding a new garage made double wishbone set up. its all highway robbery by the companies at the end of the day. :o

they are so unethical its ridiculous.

I mean I could see them giving you a hard time if you tried to claim them and they didnt know. but to flat out deny a claim because of it is wrong on so many levels. And considering what you can buy these days right off the dealer lot....makes it all that much more retarded.
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