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Think of it this way.... a regular '04-05 330CI in decent milage and shape has a market value about $12000. I put that price on a higher range because I would only consider a well kept car. Now add what ZHP has as a package (mtech bumpers, m wheel shifter, door sills, and 18" wheels). with the exception of extra 7hp, there is no other difference.

Now how much are you willing to spend on those extra parts? I though about getting a ZHP and one got away for 11K which was a great buy. I settled on a regular and I began the little changes. M wheel and shifter, changed my regular seats to sport seats. in total I spent extra $200 so far.
Im happy with my decision. If i choose to upgrade my bumpers it will cost me about 1k more. Untill I do so, Im making sure its running well and im enjoying the car. It drives just as well without the extra $5-6K.

M3 is a totally different car. If you want to spend 20K and you know you can keep up with maintanance costs then go for it. But dont compair the two. Its a 100hp difference and $$$ more in upkeep.

So I guess ZHP is worth more because all the extras have been done to it from factory. Keep your eyes open and you might find a nice one for $15K.

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