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hockeyfan27 is correct in his post. The issue that may preclude coverage is that you are required under the statutory conditions of the policy to disclose information regarding modifications. It is up to the underwriter at the insurance company to decide if they want to insure the vehicle knowing the information. The key danger is that damages to your vehicle may not be covered if youwithhold the information, and in a worse case senario is to void you policy all together.

Some things like a decent set of blank rotors like Brembo, and a good pads won't raise a flag, but coilovers and blower will likely warrent further investigation.

It ultimately comes down to the insurer's claims philosphy on how they will treat the matter, but it is easier in this case to ask permission first than apologise after.

I would suggest if you are planning on any modification, to have the discussion with the insurer or broker, following which you have this confirmed by them in an email. Make sure the details are correct, and have the name of the person with the company information and the date all on the email and save that email. Print copies and save them. Should anything happen down the road, that person might not be there, and they may not have documented things well enough in their respective systems. That confirmation email may be the only thing between you and coverage.

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