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Originally Posted by SiR View Post
how would they know otherwise?
Whenever there is a potential to pay out big money, they investigate thoroughly.

Originally Posted by SiR View Post
a good coilover is better than the factory mass produced best option/$ set up as far as performance goes.
I agree, but this has no bearing on the conditions you agree to when you take a policy with an insurance company. (these conditions are legislated in bylaws)

Originally Posted by SiR View Post
if they somehow found out and denied a claim because of that = lawyer time
When dealing with insurance, and generally most things, it is a better bet to play by the rules then to hope a fancy high priced lawyer can get you out of trouble once you get caught.

Originally Posted by NOTORIOUS VR View Post
I think there is a definate grey area here...

You don't need to inform your insurance company every time you replace parts on your car. If you happen to be upgrading them with "OEM compatible" parts then I don't see how they can legally decline you for having these specific parts installed on your car.

Now where I can see they would be able to have a case against you is if you're running around with your car 2mm from the ground. But at that point you're not installing a part to make your car better you're just doing it to look cool (I'd say good but that is far too subjective) and for most purposes less safe.

Installing coilover suspension and setting the car at a decent height isn't going to raise any red flags IMO.
Whenever I submit a quote for a modified vehicle, I include pictures for this very reason. If the car looks reasonable the company will often agree to the policy without reservation.

I do agree it is not black and white. In circumstances like this my best advice is to let the broker/agent & company decide what shade of grey it is as they will be the ones paying the claim.

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