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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
I kind of half figured John would send you to do his dirty work... And no John isn't obviously joking, he's trying to stir the pot, just like you are.

You know how stupid your second comment sounded... right? Nah, well probably not since I'm reading it. Oh well! Maybe you should start your own 'race team' then Richie, and show us how its really done since you know it all from parting out a few E30s and 'building' some of the craziest projects out of your past few cars...
first off, John didn't send me to do his dirty work. I am perfectly able to make decisions as an adult, and I am not trying to stir the pot, I am being honest with what I am thinking.

I have talked and meet enough people and a contract even between the best of friends is the only was to lay everything out upfront, so there is no question of how things are run. Racing at this level is all business, and as this is Kurt's thread about his build and what he is doing, I do hope if he is going to do this I hope he does it right, and at the level he is talking contracts between people are necessary. it protects everyone involved.

what does me parting cars out or building cars for fun have to do with any of this? well nothing!!!! does sound like a snobby comment if anything, but used to them from you, and really couldn't care what you think of what I do. If I wanted to start a race team I would, but I am happy with doing what I am doing at my pace with everything going on in my life.

lets try and keep this about Kurt, and his build and what he is doing?
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