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E30 325i cat/resonator delete

I basically took a stock E30 325i mid-section, cut the cat and resonator out and replaced it with some exhaust bits I bought from Canadian Tire (aluminized steel) in order to join it up the the muffler. I only did it for breaking in my new motor because the oil additive I'm using for break in can clog up a cat.

It's not perfect, there are some leaks (because I ran out of shielding gas while welding it), it fits a bit close to the body of the car which makes it hard to put the muffler on, and the tubes could use a bit of adjustment as they try to push the muffler downwards.

Also if you want to run it you'll have to cut the flanges off your muffler and use exhaust clamps.

Basically if you'd want to use this I'd recommend taking it to an exhaust shop and paying them a couple bucks to weld up the holes and fit it up a bit better.

Best offer takes it... take it for free... I don't care, but it's going in the dump soon if no one wants it.

I'll post a couple pics tonight.
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