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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
Guess you did not notice the angle icon, it was an obvious joking comment meant for Kurt not you. elitist - kettle calling the pot black!!!

Kurt wants to step up into racing that's cool, I just hope there is a contract in place with this "team" so his interests and assets are protected.
I kind of half figured John would send you to do his dirty work... And no John isn't obviously joking, he's trying to stir the pot, just like you are.

You know how stupid your second comment sounded... right? Nah, well probably not since I'm reading it. Oh well! Maybe you should start your own 'race team' then Richie, and show us how its really done since you know it all from parting out a few E30s and 'building' some of the craziest projects out of your past few cars...

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