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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
Some of these comments are fackin' hilarious.

But that ^^ takes the cake. Are you seriously that irritated he doesn't spend a dime on Trillium anymore that you feel the need to make that comment? Common John, just because you haven't ridden in the car to drop your 2 cents about how he should drive, or how he should setup his car, or how he spends his money doesn't mean he's retarded and needs to be placed in the C group of Trillium schools. Your elitist Trillium attitude isn't helping attract membership when you talk down to everyone like that.

Guess you did not notice the angle icon, it was an obvious joking comment meant for Kurt not you. elitist - kettle calling the pot black!!!

Kurt wants to step up into racing that's cool, I just hope there is a contract in place with this "team" so his interests and assets are protected.
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