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Originally Posted by ScotcH View Post
Race school vs HPDE ... very different things with different goals. At a proper race shcool, they will teach you race craft, and will push you much harder. Also, the SoloSprint school (aka, Ontario Time Attack) is a much more balls to the walls school experience as the entire point of SoloSprint is you vs the clock.

Listen to people who are faster than you ... let them drive your car to show you what's possible. You WILL get faster from that, trust me.

But in the end, the only thing that will make you faster is bigger balls and ignoring your life preservation insticts
I could not possibly agree more. I compete in the OTA(Ontario time-attack) series and in my first season of doing so, I have improved quite a bit. In fact, a couple weeks ago was my very first time at Mosport, OTA event #6, and I had Scott Murffin(Can-alignment) as my instructor - he is one of the top Mosport hot shoes! Seeing as how we were good friends, I shared my car with him for the day, actually it was the second event in a row that we did this. What I enjoyed most about the experience was that I knew I would get to see exactly what my CAR was capable of when in the right hands and it is a rare chance most do not get. So as you could imagine, I was excited to see how I would stack up. When the dust settled, I was 7/10ths off his time(140.5 to a 1:41.2) and we finished 1-2 in class. Being a competitor, I wasn't happy with that but when I later thought about it some more, I realized how valuable the experience had really been. I know I could have made it ALLOT closer had I not made a mistake on each one of my last 3 timed laps BUT thats something I will be able to correct with more seat time. Thankfully, events #7 and 8 are again at Mosport!

Good luck with your E90 build Doogee!
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