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Coolant flush question

Hi all. Just finished a coolant flush and brake pads/rotors change during the weekend! My first "serious" work on any car ... having previously only ever changed the air filter! Feels good.

I had two questions about the coolant flush. I'm still getting the "Check coolant level" message on the car's OBC. I checked my coolant level, and it is above the "MAX|Kalt" mark when the car was at operating temp, and just at that mark when cold.

1) How much torque does the coolant bleed screw need? I have tightened it in all the way. Is this okay, or do I have to keep it only lightly tightened (I dont have a torque wrench).
2) My engine block coolant drain plug had no aluminum washer. Could this be a problem?

Thanks for any feedback!

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