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Originally Posted by doogee View Post
I'd be happy to pay the money for the lapping days!... ...I know I'm past the school level and now only seat time is going improve my driving.

But I don't for a second regret the two schools I attended. I've said it many times. I had been attending track days for two years until I did a school and boy did I ever learn a lot.
I think i understand now what John may have been hinting at after you said...
"I've pumped tens of thousands of dollars into driving.... and he said "Mostly at the wrong events though, if you don't mind me saying."

By wrong events he was politely suggesting to put your money into schools not just lapping days. Learning a lot in two schools is not enough. Seat time is good but acknowledging that there is ALWAYS so much more to be learned is key to become a much improved driver. If you don't like the BMW driving schools that is fine... but I wouldn't discount the knowledge to be learned at these "school" enviroments.

Im sure if you wanted to go only lapping it could be aranged with a simple test drive in the morning.
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