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Aftermarket subframe bushings

I got a poly bushing kit from a company called Strong Flex. I dont know if all subframe bushings are like this, but the bottom of it is flat. So, it sits like this:
It just kinda sits on top of the plate, with very little of it making contact

I have seen photos online of Powerflex bushings for 5 series cars, and they have the bottom contoured to fit the lower plate. (I cant find pics of the bottom of 3-series bushings) This kit is quite a bit cheaper then powerflex, so I wonder if they cut corners here.

I was wondering if I should try to shape the bottom of the bushing
Has anyone else came across this?
Looking for some opinions on what would be the best route from here.

Also - I'm worried that if the lower plate is sitting under the bushing and not really up in it, that it will be too low, and will have to be bent down...

The supplier I bought this from has never installed the kit, so he isnt sure about what to do.
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