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Originally Posted by craz azn View Post
Some of these comments are fackin' hilarious.

But that ^^ takes the cake. Are you seriously that irritated he doesn't spend a dime on Trillium anymore that you feel the need to make that comment? Common John, just because you haven't ridden in the car to drop your 2 cents about how he should drive, or how he should setup his car, or how he spends his money doesn't mean he's retarded and needs to be placed in the C group of Trillium schools. Your elitist Trillium attitude isn't helping attract membership when you talk down to everyone like that.
I have to agree.

At the moment, the only events I'm interested in attending are the lapping days, but that is out of the question because of the "A" student rule. And I refuse to attend a school just to prove I'm an "advanced driver". I guess I feel like I have to buy my way in, which isn't going to happen. Too bad, because I'd be happy to pay the money for the lapping days! I might sound like a douche, but I know I'm past the school level and now only seat time is going improve my driving.

But I don't for a second regret the two schools I attended. I've said it many times. I had been attending track days for two years until I did a school and boy did I ever learn a lot. I'd be slightly hopeless without them

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