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Originally Posted by BigD View Post
Right on man, not trying to tell you what to do, just sometimes impulse decisions benefit from a brake-check but sounds like you've thought this through so **** me, look forward to the next build thread!
Ya I still might end up racing the car next spring which would be great, I'll only sell the car with the right offer over the winter. I'm prepared to sit on it.

Originally Posted by Axxe View Post
Good luck with the next build Kurt.
Thanks dude!

Originally Posted by sb_600 View Post
I'm sure you already know this, but keep in mind the 10year CTCC rule.

So if you're building a car, make sure it's one you can run for a while - but I guess the e90s were produced until what... 2011? By the time you're ready for CTCC, it'll be 2015ish so yeah, you'll get a good 6years out of that car before you need to get a new shell.

Anyways, can't wait to see the next build. Should be a blast
Yeah E90 is pretty much the only way to go. E46 would be cutting it too close.

Originally Posted by SiR View Post
well that sucks. boourns to that rule..but I guess it keeps the "riff raff" out so to speak.
Yeah its true. Would be nice if they made exceptions for cars that are still respectable looking though.

Dakar M3 Track Build Thread
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