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For Sale Rules / Moderation - Regarding Thread crapping/comments

This has always been a part of the culture here, and things only really get cleaned up after a complaint is made.

I believe it's in the rules, but everyone seems to think it is their god given right to post negative comments on other people's for sale thread, commenting and offering their unsolicited opinion.

Should we change that? or Just accept it as the norm here?

What would it take to enforce the rules below:

-Stating that the item can be found at a lower price somewhere else is strictly prohibited. It is the buyer’s responsibility to do their own research on the going price for an item and not to publicly post differences in prices that may be found. Sellers are trusting Maxbimmer to be as supportive and as positive as possible. Being courteous and professional goes a long way. If there are issues with the price, or you have a comment that you think may start controversy, then please use private message (PM).

-Cross-linking is prohibited. Do not cross-link an ad to other sites. If you're going to post an ad here, then post an ad here. Ad otherwise will be removed.

Maybe a classifies mod is needed?
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