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Originally Posted by BigD View Post
I think you can learn plenty racing the E36, then when you're comfortable with your racecraft and are competitive, build your CTCC entry. Just a little unsolicited opinion...

EDIT: if nothing else, you can find out if you're cut out for it and like it. I don't even mean doing many seasons, just start by getting your license, getting signed off and trying a race or two in the E36.

I hear you, but I need to get this build done while I still have time. I can't really wait around. It's going to take an entire year just to build the car. Plus another year or more in regionals. It'll be 2-3 years from now if I can make it.

Originally Posted by DItalianJob View Post
Now that is smart advice!

But I think in this case some people like the thrill and challenge of "the build" more and have less motivation to "drive".... I'm sure they like to drive but actually is not their true motivator.
More of a "builder than a "driver"... if you will.

Nothing wrong with that. You built a nice car and now it's time to build another...
: )
Wow you couldn't be more wrong. Quite the psychoanalysis considering you've never even met me.

I've pumped tens of thousands of dollars into driving. Building a car is great fun and yes I love doing it, but driving is what I really care about.

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