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I have been a mechanic for 22 years specialising in BMWs and Porsches. I have worked on a couple of 335i coupes that had the turbos already replaced (One had around 140.000KM , and the other one had close to 180K. In other words, even replaced turbos fail on this "ultimate driving machine". I can speak how common the failure rate of second turbos, but I can confidently tell you that at least every 8 out of 10 335i willl require turbo replacement, and fuel pump replacement( fuel pumps are made in China indeed but it is labelled as made in Germany- very inferior quality.

I would recommend 328i coupe (very reliable, and is one of the best engines BMW has built to this date.) Or a BMW M3, a very reliable vehicle as well. Third option, Audi TT if you like them, 10 times more reliable than 335i, in particular the V6 versions. Good luck!
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