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Originally Posted by seven4d View Post
this is the stupidest comparison ever, an m3 vs 190e? why not 190e evolution, the normal 190e is just a regular car like an e30 325 thats a more fair comparison but if you are comparing an m3 to a non sport model car its a fail. an equal comparison is taking the race car of both models which is the m3 and 190e evolution. this video is comparing an m3 to a regular 190e what kind of idiots produced this ahahaha
you do know that the 190E 2.3-16v is not just a normal 190E, the 2.3-16v runs a Cosworth motor, has a bodykit, different suspension, that's why he's comparing it to the M3, if you driven one you would know that's not a standard Benz, those cars were the AMG Benz of those days, so the comparison is pretty standard.

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