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It's been awhile since the last update... The car hasn't really turned a wheel since then either except rolling around the shop. I haven't been able to accomplish much as throughout the summer I've been travelling around to different racetracks on the weekends... thus leaving me without much or any time to get something done on this car. In addition... my priorities are starting to shift... so I need to get this car finished asap so at least it's driveable, reliable, and most of all, safe!

On the safety note, I started to get cracking on the rollcage... Decided on a bolt-in cage for ease of welding, although it is pretty time consuming to build extra sets of base plates and such.

The car rolled outside for the start of the cage. Removed the seat and whatever else...

Then I got the idea to see how the old Autopower roll bar fit in the car (that originally came with the shell) and boy was I disappointed! You could fit an elephant through the gap to the B pillar!

After a bit of chopping and bending, we end up with a main hoop that fits MUCH better!!

Fabbed up some base plates for the rear part of the cage

Eventually, base plates welded in, and a few more bars in the main structure

And this is how the main structure currently looks... Nice shape, and good tight fit to the car. Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to start on the front section of the cage and start to wrap it up!

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