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New exhaust installed

Well, I bit the bullet and upgraded the exhaust on my 2002 M-Technic 540 stick.

Started by cutting the muffler off. Took it for a spin and it sounded good. Almost left it that way - with just a straight pipe from the resonator.

Then, we removed the resonator. Now that really woke things up. It was a mix of low rumble and higher pitched rasp (not as bad as the e46 M3 though). At this point I seriously considered putting in a resonator delete pipe and re-installing the stock muffler.

Finally decided to put in a resonator delete pipe and the Magnaflow 14834 muffler.

I am very happy with the decision. It's definitely not a sleeper anymore. Below 1800 rpm it can be a little loud when you are on the gas - not in a bad way. But, once you get to cruising speed the sound becomes a mellow rumble. Basically it takes away the rasp and leaves the low rumble behind. Zero drone. Does not get in the way of tunes when cruising and not embarrassing around town either.

What a great upgrade. $150 for the muffler and $200 for the installation. I had this done at Mufflerman in Strathroy and I would HIGHLY recommend them.
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