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Originally Posted by BigD View Post
Such as? Showroom-stock 4-cyl class sedan racing aside.
troll already listed some like the challenge and a number of other series in europe and/or around the globe...but then again depends on if you consider that high level or not. I would.

If all you think about is f1 as being high level... oh well.

like most racing series they have rules(and as mentioned) dont allow fwd(that could be intredasting to see) , just like nhra doesnt allow turbos. (a common example of people saying supers are better :plamface: )
racing series all have different rules and regs , as Im sure you know.

weve already been through this in this thread Im pretty sure.

these look like some serious cars to me..

not bad for a fwd shit box.

also double sure OP got shilacked by a civic in a video he posted here
also sure there are plenty of rwd cars that get worked by fwd cars in the ctcc too.

anyways. sucks OP is getting rid of the car so soon after all that work. But sounds like he may do up an e9x of some kind for ctcc?
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