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Calling all Volunteers!

Hello MaxBimmer!

The Trillium club is in need of volunteers for two rapidly approaching events.

The first event is the AutoSalom that will occur at Bimmercruise on the Mosport DDT. The date, in case you did not already know, is August 26th. This is an excellent opportunity to earn four-six hours of time credit. In case anyone is worried about missing Bimmercruise if they volunteer; the event should be concluded between noon and two (depends on the amount of drivers that participate). So we can guarantee you will see all that Bimmercruise has to offer and earn some credit while you are at it.

The second event is the ADT at Mosport on the Sept 8-9 weekend. For this event we need as many volunteers as we can muster. The duties vary from registration to skidpad assistance. It's not the labour day weekend and given the response we have had thus far it is on track to be our best attended school of the season. This is the perfect opportunity to get your first fifteen hours, and a membership renewal credit for 2013. Plus volunteers on Saturday are treated to a free catered dinner.

As a reminder, we run a volunteer program that allows our volunteering members the opportunity to exchange hours volunteered for various club offerings, including; admission to events such as Autosalom and Advanced Driver Training. We only want to give out more free stuff but we need the membership to gather the hours. As always volunteering is a great thing to have on your resume; it is also a fantastic way to network, meet new friends make some frenemies, and just have some fun doing what we all love. So put some time in, you wont regret it!

If you are interested in helping out please contact me by pm or at
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