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Originally Posted by Crustashio View Post
Rust free, similar condition, lower mileage e36 m3s for 10k, in Canada? I'd love to see evidence of that, because I would fly across the country and buy one in a second. I've looked a few for ~10k on kijiji and they always had issues/accidents/rust. That, or owners who definitely don't seem to be enthusiasts when you start asking them common questions. A good example is an estoril one for sale in markham with lux seats in a non-lux car.

That said, an e46 m3 with ~100k did just go for 16k on these forums so deals are out there if you're patient. And there definitely are similarly priced e36s with less mileage, but I personally couldn't find owners willing to deal out of province.
Well I think you should get on a plane then because a friend of mine just picked up a mint e36 m3 for $8900 with 175000km, and another friend of mine just picked up the cleanest high mileage e36 M3 I have ever seen for $5500. Yeah it had 320 000km but looks awesome and only needed a few rubber things. That said if you take a look at autotrader, kijiji and these forums you'll find about a dozen clean low mileage M3's for the 10k neighborhood. Unfortunately as the OP stated none are 4 door and none are this fantastic colour.

WRT E46 M3's about 47 available under 18k in GTA right now!

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