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The brakes work! The pedal was a bit longer than my previous setup, but I'm not sure if it's because of the new MC or just because I didn't bleed it properly. Either way, it took a bit of getting used to, but was really happy with the setup by the end of the evening. I'll be rebleeding it just to be sure before the Time Attack at St-Eustache next weekend.

It was my first time running long track this year and it was a blast! I was turning slower times than I was the last year which was a bit disappointing, but I'm still plagued with handling issues. I'm going to try softening the front bar, and reducing the rear camber to reduce my corner entry understeer, and my corner exit oversteer, respectively. The MCO chief instructor came in the car with me in the last session and gave me some good pointers on how too be faster, which certainly helped!

Hopefully that can make me a bit more competitive in my last TA event and the last GT race I'll be doing on Sept 14th.

Here's the video:

Last sunday (July 29th), I also did my second AutoX of the season. The brakes were good for that too! I was able to place 3rd in A-class:

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