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Originally Posted by marek View Post
Yes younger than 15 years you need the recall clearance letter and to register it with RIV and do all the stuff with Canadian Tire. My experience is with vehicles older than 15yrs.
Ive done one older than 15 years (Motorbike) was easy, however i found getting the recall letter for that was alot harder, i didnt get charged a lookup fee, however was told by Honda (bikes) they dont always do it (maybe as they cant find them, depending on the country, this was from the UK).

Not involving RIV seemed abit easier as the list was alot lower to hit, i remember when i did it (2009) they where talking about raising it from 15 years to 20 or 25 years, not sure thats even possible to get a car 25 years old to comply (which maybe the reason they wanted to raise it).
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