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I did all my own paperwork and RIV where adamant they would only accept BMW Canada recall letters, (BMW have changed something in the past 5 months (according to my dealer, whos service manager has also imported BMW cars), i have just completed all the paperwork in the last 3 days.

Unfortunatly what ever happened in the past doesnt seem to worry RIV, they only accept what they want to now.

The idea of this thread isn’t to tell others what to do, only what I did to make sure I got a car in as quick as possible, I know I won’t be trying to get a USA recall letter, it’s pointless, RIV won’t accept it, just done this 3 days ago!

I also notice the letter from BMW states my car complies with certain legal safety requirements in Canada as well which put Canadian Tire in there place about certain things like Airbags, bumpers etc... So its not just a Recall letter, its a Certification compliance letter as well. Also BMW checked over the chassis and core computers to make sure none where stolen and the chassis was fully intact meaning i know i have a safe car as well.

This means weather anyone thinks its a "waste of money" to get a BMW recall letter, the fact remains on 1 August 2012 my car would not past compliance until i had one (which it now has and is now a Canadian car).

The above only applies to anything younger than 15 years old, also i am in ON. So that may change in other areas
Many Thanks
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