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Post-Overheating Discovery!

Hey guys,

So I found out that:

1) My engine is fine after overheating.
2) My cooling system isn't.

The first time I overheated, it was because the fan had jammed against the the cooling hose which runs across the top of the fan shroud. The hose got pulled off its mount and I lost all my coolant. On top of that, the hose caught the fan and basically jammed it. That was bad. I didn't know what would cause that so I just ziptied the hose back onto the shroud, got a new fan and fixed the shroud to the radiator with a screw + nut, thinking it was the shroud coming loose off the radiator.

Today, the fan exploded while I was driving it back after it was parked. Immediately before it was parked, I was teaching someone how to drive stick and they had come close to stalling the car several times (jostling the engine). The heavy jostling + probably worn motor mounts probably drove the fan blades back into the hose, causing it to jam once more and snap all the blades off...

Thinking about it, the first time the overheating happened was shortly after I was teaching the same person how to drive manual.

So I guess my question + moral of the story is:

1) Is there a safe and proper way (besides replacing the shroud) to tuck away that coolant hose that runs across the top of the shroud, if the tabs on the shroud are gone?

2) How much is it to install new motor mounts? Could that be the reason why my fan managed to move enough to jam into my coolant hose?

3) Don't let your old ass car be hack-driven by a person learning to drive manual!
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