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Originally Posted by L8 Apexr View Post
Hmm,that dude in a stock sti was friggan flying-should've watched I guess but I've watched so may autox runs over 2 decades I'd rather watch paint dry some days.

Somthing seems a little wonky,my last run is listed as a 64.9 but the vid I posted was for sure my last run and I hand timed it at a 61.2 ish-I know it'll be out by hand from an angle from video(I ran a series up here for 3 years hand timed,2 timers each run and never more than a couple tenths different)but not 3.5 seconds.
Just curious is all,not whining or complaining.
Originally Posted by L8 Apexr View Post
Coned it away eh?,bugger.

Doesn't explain the other missing 1.5 ish seconds though.

Look forward to making it too the DDT event,kinda hoping the deal for my car falls thru though.Stock miata is fun and but.....
Are you sure that video was from your last run and not your second last run?

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