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Originally Posted by davericher20 View Post
100 minimum per person. But it also depends on the venue like everyone said. You wouldnt believe how many people give shitty gifts at weddings. I got married last year and it was 100 per plate, open bar, etc... a family of 6 gave us $50. Cheap good for nothing bastards.
That's just brutal. I tend to be generous, but I don't think that people should expect to make money by doing weddings. It may work well in theory, but in the practice it's not that easy done. I went to a engagement party with my brother, and it was like a stag for 150ish people. Since my parents live in Europe, me and my bro pitched in for them. So I put one pink 500euro bill inside. Ahh that was worth a lot more a few years back. To make it short, my friend made around $5000 from that engagement party, and plans to do a wedding in a year.
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