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New guy from Maryland.

Hey, name is Andrew. Just wanted to introduce myself.

I currently own a '91 alpine white ii 4door 318i (getting swapped now) that is an abused and mistreated play toy for me to learn to further driving and sliding abilities. It's a totally pos, but it's my pos and the suspension is set up very well for drifting so it's a good time.

Just wanted to say hi, oh and by the way I'm here in a Canadian forum because I know a few of you guys have imported 325ix tourings with the more relaxed 15 year old standard. Well the US pretty much throws in the towel at 25 years and lets you bring in what you want, and if my terrible 'merican ejurmakasion serves me right, '88s will be 25 years old quite shortly. So I will be poking around here trying to track one down, because after the beating I've put on my current car drifting I'd really like a clean, classy, more grown up less tacky (than my current e30) vehicle to replace my truck as a daily driver.

Oh and pics of the crappy, beat to hell, drunken graffiti'd drift rat are below

Mid swap now

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