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Originally Posted by davericher20 View Post
Nice pick up! Looks like it was wrapped? Or is that paint?
I thought it was wrapped too but it's actually paint. Seems to be some sort of vinyl or rubberized paint. When I peel the stickers off the matt paint peels off with it and the original gloss black Schwartz 2 is underneath. I'll most likely peel all the matt off and bring the original colour back to life.

I haven't driven it yet except down the street. I'm in no rush to race it this year. I'm more concerned with getting it safe right now. Hence the 8 point cage and I will need a Hans and fire rated gear. Fire extinguisher system will be going in as well. Big fall/winter/spring project on my hands lol

I still need to finish reading the Dakar Track Car Build. On page 15 or so lol
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