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facelift coupe headlight questions: Please help

I have a facelift coupe and the headlight housing is sealed (or was). I wanted to get angel eyes but when I read that it would require putting my headlights in the oven in order to open them up I decided against it. Anyway, I've been parking outside lately and after the severe wind/thunderstorm we experienced here a few nights ago I noticed some moisture has gotten inside one of my headlights and now it's all fogged up. It is driving me crazy! How do I get the moisture out and detect and repair the seal? Also, perhaps now would be the time to do the angel eye thing? If anyone has experience in doing this or can recommend a place to have it done please chime in.

Lastly Iv'e been meaning to ask about this since I've owned the car. It is an 04 330ci (MP pkg) Is it supposed to have self leveling headlights or was that an option? I thought that was standard on all face lift coupes but mine don't seem to move. Also, I notice the light beam cut off line seems to be somewhat A-symmetrical between the driver and passenger side lights. Is this normal?

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