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Forget the Poorboys stuff. You have a dark colored car...the one in the pic right??

Do this. Get the following from eshine.

Lake Country pads: one 4" CCS orange pad, one 4" CCS white pad. $6.25 each
Lake country flexible backing pad: 5" $18

Menzerna Intensive Polish: PO91E $28 (use this with the orange pad first)
Menzerna Super Intensive Polish: SI1500 $32 (use this with the white pad second)

Have you ever used a PC? You need to crank up the speed on the PC to around 5, and use the foam pads I specified. Don't be afraid to use a little pressure. Using a PC requires some finesse to get rid of swirls. These Menzerna products work best with a rotary polisher, but since you're not at that stage yet, we won't go there. Use the PC and get used to it first.

I've only included 2 steps/layers. If you've never clayed your car before...I suggest washing, followed by claying, and then starting with the Menzerna IP, then followed by SIP. If you have a sealant, then use that, and follow up with a nice layer of wax...your paint will look 100 times better than with the Simoniz terry cloth polisher.

Still have questions? PM me.

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