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Originally Posted by sirex View Post
Dude, what are you talking about. When did you have police before you started paying income taxes????????????

Are you insane?

There has always been a form of taxation on EVERY single society that has EVER existed.
lol 'liberal attackers unite' you also forgot to also call me a racist

you should perhaps look into what i say as opposed to balking like an old woman..or some other form of mental deficient

The first local modern police department established in the United States was the Boston Police Department in 1838, followed by the New York City Police Department in 1845.

Early on, police were not respected by the community, as corruption was rampant. In the late 19th and early 20th century, there were few specialized units in police departments.[2]

The advent of the police car, two-way radio, and telephone in the early 20th century transformed policing into a reactive strategy that focused on responding to calls for service.[2] In the 1920s, led by Berkeley, California police chief, August Vollmer, police began to professionalize, adopt new technologies, and place emphasis on training.[3] With this transformation, police command and control became more centralized.
^ now since Personal income tax on labor didn't exist until 1917, and again wasn't required of all citizens until after ww2, How am I lying or Insane???

and yes taxes do exist in every society until corrupt greedy power hungry psychopaths eat up that nations wealth & destroy that society - time & time again.
look into the collapse of rome. here:

again in america before income taxes - revenue (or Tax) was collected from Biz's in Tarrifs that were added to the cost of items sold to consumers.
Now its that + provincial & or state taxes ontop of the item (13+% in ontario) that you buy with your already taxed money (tax on tax).
that we take this, that to me is insane!

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