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Angry Door damage =(! shop recommendations? Pics attached

Hi all,

I've recently screwed up an scraped my Wagon against a wall where I work. I'm quite upset! In typical urban hospital fashion, the parking lots were full by the 9am clinic I'm working at now, so I decided to park in a spot that was small and nobody took yet. I parked really close to the passenger wall to allow me some space to exit the car. When I drove out of that little microspot, I foolishly had my sunglasses on, was fiddling with my a/c etc, and wasn't paying attention when I scraped the wall. The crunching sound it made still resonates in my ears lol.

As you can see, there is a gigantic dent in the door, as well as some scrapes. There is no visible deformity on the inside door panel, and the entire door still closes, albeit with a larger gap at the bottom (see pic). There are not side skirts. No other damage can be discerned.

I have attached some monster pics of my wagon's injuries. Where should I take it? I've been doing some cruising on this website, and have heard of some common hits include the following:

427 auto collision - Good stuff but a tad pricey.
European auto body - Seems to get the most praise, but a lot pricey
Luxury autobody - recommended by some members, but don't know many details
J.C. Collision - Across from Rocco at RMP. Apparently he recommends it, but I can't find much on it.
Budd's Collision - expensive in typical stealership fashion

The only thing is, I'm still a student (for ever and ever), I need to replace all four shocks soon too ($$$), and I'm coming from Hamilton. Also, I would love my wagon to look in tip top shape, but the reality is the vehicle has 170 000 km on it and is starting to show its age! Thus, a basic fix (eg. push out panel, paint) would be fine with me.

My questions to the forums here are:

1) Where would you recommend given my, sort of, criteria?
2) I'm totally inept at body work estimates, so can anybody give me a BALLPARK on what this might entail, given the details that I have provided? For instance, my girlfriend recently crunched in her rear 1/4 panel on her '00 Corolla, and shops had quoted as high as $3000 for a perfect job. She ended up paying $300 for a job that looks pretty damn good,save for a crappy paint job (but she doesn't care).
3) How long could it take? I imagine it is very shop dependent. I read about one poster taking about 10 days. I will be commuting to Mississauga from Dundas (W of Hamilton) daily for the next little bit, and need to way all my transportation options.

I look forward to hearing back from everyone.

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