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Originally Posted by Jon325i View Post
Chicago has about the worst homicide rate in the US. It has nothing do with concealed carry however, as concealed carry is not allowed in the state of Illinois. So that's out of the equation.

Look at the stats in Miami in the 80's long before CCW laws went into effect. You will notice almost a 30% reduction in violent crime since then.
You're really going to try to use Miami as an example to bolster your case? The huge influx of crime to Miami in the 80's through the 90's was a direct result of the cocaine boom. Likewise the decline was also as a result of the drug fuelled crime, much of which is due to Reagan's efforts with the failed War on Drugs. CCW's had nothing to do, the crime was mostly criminal on criminal in nature.

Check out the film Cocaine Cowboy's, you'll learn all about how crazy that place was back then.
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