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Originally Posted by Jon325i View Post
Remember the States has 10 times the population that Canada has. Statistically the US has become considerably safer since concealed carry laws have come in to effect. Concealed carry in most states has only been around for about 10-15 years.

Anti guns crowds said with the liberalization of concealed carry laws "Blood would flow down the streets." It hasn't happened. In fact, violent crime in many area's has drop at least 30%.

Also The cities with the most gun crime in the US, i.e. Detroit, Chicago, New York, LA, Washington, all of those cities already have the strictest gun control measures in the US.

Funny how the cities with the strictest gun control have the worst records of gun violence.

Violence is a social issue, not a gun issue. Once you start blaming "objects" for the actions of people, it's all down hill from there.
can you explain how chicago has had 440 homicides last year but toronto well under 100? (identical population by the way)

or how bout miami florida (concealed carry is allowed) a population of 400,000 people had 68 murders last year.

also this BS of considerably safer argument with concealed carry's? miami had 66 murders in 2000.... so dont know where your getting your facts from but concealed carry's just allow absolute patriotic meat heads to walk around with a gun to feel safer...

if a situation arrised where he actually should use one, garunteed he will not fire that weapon accurately putting many more people in harms way.
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