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Originally Posted by Big Chin View Post
Cops and Ford just need to start breaking legs... Fack the Charter of Human Rights... if you are gang affiliated... You should get the People's elbow from the Mayor...
ok i'll play: I'll agree with your 'solution' 100% on one condition. being, that these created 'death squads' members must be either executed or jailed for life - with no parole until after at least 20years served...

because its a given that they kill some of the wrong people, some will be wrongly affiliated, honest people in those hoods will also end up victims of the police.

want to create monsters to deal with monsters? you're still left with monsters!
my alternate solution - proposal is: a total lifting of all gun bans. also the gov should pass law that all adult citizens must carry while in public. and the gov should provide the weapons 9mm police issue.

that shouldn't sound that insane or anymore insane then 1 gunman being able to shoot 24+ people unopposed in a major city or the creation of police death squads

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