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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Well since my last update, a lot of stuff was done on the car. I finally took the hit and made the AKG purchase. I was going to use the e28 green mounts but like my buddy says, might as well put the good stuff while you're there (Levent). Remember back I found the deal on the AKG bushings for extremely cheap, well having everything AKG is a great idea. Here's the purchase.
-M5X Engine Mounts
-Non Airbag Steering Rack Kit
-Flex Shaft Coupling
-E30 Transmission Mounts

This weekend, the car was brought in where it's gonna spend the rest of the summer, fall and winter. Its only coming out next summer (2013). Who knows, it might even get painted.
Stripping the machine began. The interior was very very easy but the front end wasn't so fun. Rust sucks. Luckily I have fenders, hood and front bumper. Have to change both rockers and rear outer wheel wells. Going to pick a valance when the time comes. All the wheel well liners are off, exhaust is off. More updates to follow. Enjoy

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