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ETA 2.8 Stroker NA Combos??

Hey guys so I'm putting together a 2.8 eta and wanna go all motor. I was wondering what kind of combinations i could use, right now i have an m20b25, m20b27 and an m52b28. I'll be using the crank from the m52 but was wondering what piston and rod combo to use to get the best compression. I just want to see if there are any stock pistons i could use, before goin out and getting a custom set. I've read a couple threads on some forums claiming they were able to get 12:1 with the m52 crank, ETA rods and M52 pistons that were skimmed down hopefully there's a bit more info on this.

Anyways even if you guys want to just post up the combinations you've put together that'd be great!
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