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Originally Posted by Mystikal View Post
A Forester Turbo would dust most cars on this forum. Same with a RAV4 V6. Or Altima/Maxima/Quest minivan/anything with a Nissan VQ. And then get better fuel mileage and require zero maintenance.

That's not what we're in BMW's for, at least I hope anyway.
Was just gonna say; it's hard to admit, but my finacee's RAV4 sport feels like it would walk all over either of my cars in a 1/4 mile, even my "mighty" 540i/6. lol. Not so sure about the better fuel mileage thing though. We've yet to beat my E36 on a trip up to the cottage and back. That's with me driving either vehicle (going for economy) and the same 2 people, dog, cooler and gym bag pretty much every time.
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