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Originally Posted by njansenv View Post
Your 318 runs 13 second 1/4 mile times? Forgive me for being skeptical - what have you done to it?
A new camry V6 can run 14 flat, which makes it faster than both E36 M3's I've owned, and it would give the LT1 Corvette a run for it's money.
It should when im done
Well at least in the 14's but its main build is for tracks than straights.

If you want to keep things in perspective.. My little 4 as it sits now holds its own pretty good with most modern cars within a range... It has bested the lancer gt, really close with focus svt, sir/si civics... Can it do well vs m3, mustang, amg, S4, g35, etc.. No... V6 camry not the new one , the 4 im sure it would be close... But for a 21 yr old car with a few mods done and more on the way she goes pretty good.

I love it when i go on the crusies when people dont believe i have a 1.8... Till i show them.

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