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2nd place CSCS Mosport a Porsche.

Last year we decided to enter Mike's E36/S54 into the CSCS time attack event at Mosport DDT. We never received tires in time and ended up running a horribly mismatched set of street rubber (Dunlop Z1 SS front, Falken FK452 rear...yuck) on two different sets of wheels. Oversteer was ridiculous and I spent most of the day chasing the tail of the car. Somehow we landed a final time quick enough for an easy win:

This winter, a friend of ours casually proposed the idea of taking his 996 GT3 Porsche out and going for another win. Who are we to argue with such an idea?

Unfortunately, CSCS classification bumps his car into the Super Street class where R-compound tires are allowed. The GT3 owner didn't have a set of R-comps and we all agreed it would be a waste of $2k to buy a set just for one day. So we entered with Michelin PS2 street tires and the intention (wish?) of outdriving the class.

The plan almost worked. Throughout the day we were stuck in fourth place behind cars with stickier tires and more power than the 380 the N/A Porsche puts out. Still, we made adjustments and kept finding another few tenths per each 20min practice/qualifying session. We felt good about our chances.

Then the rain started. We were thrilled with this. Our Michelins, while easily giving up 1.5-2 seconds per lap to the R-compounds in the dry, would be much more competitive in the wet. Sadly, the sun came out and by the time the top qualifiers were starting their timed runs the track was bone-dry. Damn.

Odds against us, we staged for 3 timed laps. We edged out the previous 2nd and 3rd place qualifiers (modified and R-comp wearing widebody FD RX-7 and E90 M3, respectively) by just enough for 2nd place. Full timing info:

We finished 2nd in class, 10th overall, and 2.6 seconds ahead of the next fastest car on street tires.

You can find more pics here in's facebook album:

Thanks to everyone who was out at Mosport DDT yesterday. We had a great time and hope to do more events like this in the future.
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