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E39 front bumper lip/splitter

There is this relatively inexpensive front bumper (non-M bumper) lip (or spliter, I don't know what is called exactly) that I really like and thinking of buying for my E39. You can see it here:

I have two questions in regard to this product:

Does it sit lower than the existing bumper or on the same level? I don't think I will buy it if it sits lower because then it will not be on the same level with the remaining skirt of the car (stock) and back bumper (stock) which I don't plan to replace or add on them. Also, the front bumper of the E39 is already low as it is.

Will it increase wind noise? I like the quietness of the E39 so I don't want to make it noisy.


(You can find this product on eBay by searching "E39 lip 01".)
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